Sustainable Development in Energy Services with Awareness of Quality Safety and Environment


4 goals are set in accordance with work process in each area to support sustainable growth and enable the Company to materialize its vision areas follows:

graph goals

sustainable growth and regular returns to shareholders

Customers and Stakeholders

optimum level of international quality and safety standard for trust building to Customers and Stakeholders

Internal Work Procedures

excellent operation with economic, societal and environmental concerns

Learning and Development

professional personnel along with up-to-date technology



To operate and sustainable wealth creation with lucrative profit for shareholders regularly


To focus on Quality and Safety according to International Standard for creating customer satisfaction


To conduct business together with principle of Corporate Governance and follow Collective Action Coalition against Corruption guideline

Society/ Community/ Environment

To be responsible for society, community and environment with Sustainability Development Framework


To develop potential to personnel meets professional, ethical, and abide by Corporate Governance principle


To follow law, regulations, principles, and rules related to operation with responsibility, accuracy and transparency