The Company provides channels to receive complaints from third person and its employees including actions takenupon receipt of complaint. The Company stipulates measures to protect and maintain confidentiality of complainantas follows:

The Company provides channels for whistle-blowing and complaint in case experience any act suspicious of violating or non-compliance with the Company’s Code of Conduct, illegal actions including behaviors that imply corruption and unequal treatments via channels with detail as follows:

  • (1) Supervisors of all levels who are trustworthy.
  • (2) The Corporate Governance Working Group
  • (3) Mail to:
    The Executive Chairman or Chair of Audit Committee Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Public Company Limited
    171/2 Kamphang Phet 6 Rd., Don Mueang, Don Mueang, Bangkok 10210
  • (4) E-mail: or
  • (5) Website:

Upon receipt of complaint, the Company shall verify, evaluate and investigate information, and then, stipulate measure to alleviate damage to those affected. The Company takes into account damage in overall, thus, the Company shall assign relevant officer who is responsible for such matter to follow up on progress andreport result to the receiver of whistle-blowing/complaint including whistle-blower/ complainant. Such result will also be reported to the Managing Director, the Executive Chairman, the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors as appropriate.

BAFS stipulates measures to protect whistle-blower/complainant as follows:

  • Keep confidential the name, address, photograph or any information of whistle-blower/complainant.
  • Set up protection measure in the event that such person may be unsafe or affected by vexation as well as provide mitigation with appropriate and fair process.
  • In case of finding that any employee acts against BAFS’ Code of Conduct and/or Anti-Corruption Policy, such employee shall be undergoing disciplinary punishment in accordance with the Company’s Policy and Regulations Manual regarding Discipline and Disciplinary Measures. BAFS will deliberate to impose punishments from oral warnings to terminations without ascending order. In case the act against the law, employees will be undergoing legal punishment. The employee disciplinary actions consist of verbal warning, being suspended from work or termination of employment. Nonetheless, such employee disciplinary actions shall not be executed in order accordingly; it depends on final approval made in accordance with Delegations of Authority Manual. Such employee shall be undergoing legal punishment in case his/her is also against the law.
  • BAFS shall notify result of investigation to the whistle blower/complainant within 30 days after completion of the process.