Code of Conduct is the guideline for our business operation which encourage the company to be efficient organization by doing business with transparency, ethics, and responsibilities for all stakeholders. As a result, the Company will be a good corporate governance and sustainability company.

The Company has stipulated Code of Conduct with detail as follows:

  • Business ethics.
  • Business ethics for stakeholders namely shareholders, employees, customers, creditors, society, community,environment and regulators including code of conduct for business partners namely trade partners,distributors/vendors.
  • Ethics for the Company’s directors
  • Ethics for employees such as conflict of interest, confidential maintenance, procurement process, use of insider information, anti-bribery and anti-corruption, intellectual property and usage of information technology, etc.
  • Compliance monitoring and disciplines

The Company has promoted Code of Conduct compliance and defined monitoring system to ensure tangible compliance such as on line safe-assessment on a yearly basis for all executives and employees.