Approve Q3/05 Financial Statement, Loan Guarantee

No. MD. 138/2005 November 11, 2005 Re: Report of the Resolutions of the Board of Directors Meeting To: President The Stock Exchange of Thailand Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Public Company Limited held the Board of Directors Meeting No. 4/2005 on 11 November 2005, starting from 10:00 hrs. and the meeting passed the following material resolutions: 1.Approve the Financial Statement for Quarter 3/2005 as proposed. 2.Approve the Company to enter into additional loan guarantee agreement to Thai Aviation Refuelling Company Limited in the amount of 300 million Baht. The above transaction in item 2 is the connected transaction that is exempted from Notification of the Board of Governors of The Stock Exchange of Thailand Re: Disclosure of Information and Act of Listed Companies Concerning the Connected Transactions. Please be informed accordingly. Respectfully yours, (M.R. Supadis Diskul) Managing Director