Clarification Of Cabinet Resolution Re Aviation Fuel Depot

No. MD. 031/2006 February 22, 2006 Re:Clarification to the cabinet resolution concerning aviation fuel depot project at Suvarnabhumi Airport To:President The Stock Exchange of Thailand The Cabinet Resolution dated February 22, 2006 had an issue concerning aviation fuel depot project that has been summarized that the Cabinet agreed in principal to have other aviation fuel depot operators connect their fuel pipelines to hydrant system which operated by Thai Aviation Refueling Co.,Ltd. (TARCO) at an appropriate tie-in point. Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Plc. (BAFS) as the first aviation fuel depot operator at Suvarnabhumi Airport and a major shareholder of TARCO would like to clarify that BAFS is ready to comply with the government's policy as mentioned above. Moreover, BAFS is well prepared for the competition that may arise from the entrance of a new aviation fuel depot operator in the future. BAFS is confident in its operating efficiency and aviation fuel services quality that BAFS always hold on to international standard. Furthermore, most of aviation fuel depot users are currently BAFS' shareholders who always support BAFS' operation. In addition, on January 19, 2006, BAFS arranged a signing ceremony for the long term User Agreements to provide storage and aviation refueling services at Suvarnabhumi Airport with 10 users who are also BAFS' business alliances comprising of Thai Airways International Plc., PTT Plc., Air Total (Thailand) Limited, BP Oil (Thailand) Limited, Caltex Oil (Thailand) Limited, Esso (Thailand) Plc., Exxonmobil Aviation Inc., Kuwait Petroleum Aviation (Thailand) Limited, The Shell Company of Thailand Limited and Singapore Petroleum (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. The ceremony confirmed BAFS' readiness to provide aviation fuel services at Suvarnabhumi Airport in time with the opening of the airport around the middle of the year 2006 as announced by the government. Please be informed accordingly. Respectfully yours, (M.R. Supadis Diskul) Managing Director