Reviewed Quarter 1 and Consolidated F/S (F45-3)

(Reviewed Quarter-1 and Consolidated F/S (F45-3))
           Report: Reviewed Quarterly Financial Statements
                          Name BANGKOK AVIATION FUEL SERVICES PCL.

                                                     (In thousands)
                                            Ending   31 March
                                               Quarter 1
                Year                       2006              2005

        Net profit (loss)                127,014          116,082
        EPS (baht)                       0.30          0.34

  Type of report:
        Unqualified Opinion with an emphasis of matters

    Comment: Please see details in financial statements, auditor's
    report and remarks from SET SMART

     "The company hereby certifies that the information above is
    correct and complete. In addition, the company has already reported
    and disseminated its financial statements in full via the SET
    Electronic Listed Company Information Disclosure (ELCID), and has
    also submitted the original report to the Securities and Exchange

                           Signature ___________________________
                                    ( M.R.Supadis  Diskul )
                           Position Managing Director

                         Authorized to sign on behalf of the company