Clarification of News Re: Sale of Fuel Depot and Pipeline

No. MD.090/2006

July 19, 2006

Re:Clarification of News Regarding The Sale of Fuel Depot and Pipeline
   in Donmuang Airport
The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Reference is made to news stated in Khaohoon Newspaper dated July 19, 2006
that BAFS planned to sell its fuel depot and pipeline in Donmuang Airport to
PTT Plc. to adapt to be its gas pipeline.

BAFS would like to inform that the stated news was incorrect. Since Donmuang
Airport will still be used for some flights such as charter flights,
government agencies flights and flights using TG maintenance hub. Therefore,
BAFS has a policy to provide aviation fuel services at Donmuang Airport as
present and has no policy to sell the fuel depot to PTT Plc. whatsoever.

Respectfully yours,

(M.R. Supadis Diskul)
Managing Director