Approve F/S Q2/06, Appoint AC, Interim Dividend

No. MD.109/2006
August 10, 2006
Re: Report of the Resolutions of the Board of Directors Meeting
To: President
    The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Public Company Limited held the Board of
Directors Meeting No. 4/2006 on 10 August 2006, starting from 10.00 hrs.
and the meeting passed the following material resolutions:
1. Approve the Financial Statement for Quarter 2/2006 as proposed.
2. Re-elect the following persons to be the Audit Committee.
(1) Mr. Manas       Leeviraphan       Chairman of the Audit Committee
(2) Flight Lieutenant Udom  Krisnampok Member of the Audit Committee
(3) Dr. Piyasawasdi Amaranant       Member of the Audit Committee
With Mrs. Mayuree Nalinwong serving as Secretary to the Audit Committee.
The Audit Committee shall have the scope of duties and responsibilities,
and the terms of holding office as specified in the Audit Committee Charter.
This will be effective from September 27, 2006.
3. Approve the declaration of interim dividend for operation of the first
six months of year 2006 at the rate of Baht 0.20 per share to the holders of
424,998,370 shares in the amount of Baht 84,999,674, whose names appear in
the Company's share register book as of August 25, 2006 at 12.00 noon and
the dividend be paid on September 8, 2006.

Please be informed accordingly.
Respectfully yours,

(M.R. Supadis Diskul)
Managing Director