Form for Report on Names and Scope of Performance of AC

Form for Report on Names of Members and Scope of Performance
of the Audit Committee (F24-3)

The Board of Directors meeting of Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Public
Company Limited No. 4/2006 held on August 10, 2006 resolved to elect the
Audit Committee to be effective from September 27, 2006.

1. Names of members of the Audit Committee are as follows:
                                                      Remaining terms
                                                      Of holding office*
Chairman of the Audit Committee Mr.Manas   Leeviraphan   3 years *
Member of the Audit Committee  Flight Lieutenant Udom Krisnampok 3 years *
Member of the Audit Committee  Dr.Piyasawasdi  Amaranant  3 years *
Secretary to the Audit Committee Mrs.Mayuree  Nalinwong
Remark *  is the remaining terms of holding office of Audit Committee.
However, such terms will terminate if the member of the Audit Committee
resign from the Board of Directors.

2. The Audit Committee of the Company has the scope of duties and
responsibilities, and shall report to the Board of Directors on:
1. To review the correction and sufficiency of the financial reporting.
2. To review the correction, completeness and reliability of the
operational information reporting.
3. To review the adequacy and effectiveness of internal control systems
and internal audit functions.
4. To review compliance with the Securities and Exchange Acts, Regulations
of the SET,and any other relevant laws.
5. To review compliance with obligations made with non-related parties.
6. To review the adequacy for the safeguarding of assets.
7. To review risk management and internal control systems of the Company
independently to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of risk management
system and the adequacy of internal control system to manage the Company's
overall risks, whereby such systems would have been updated appropriately.
Furthermore, to coordinate with Risk Management Committee from time to
time by exchanging knowledge and information about risk and internal control,
which affect or may affect the Company.
8. To consider and advise the appointment and the audit fee of the external
9. To consider compliance with all connected transaction disclosures or the
conflict-of- interests disclosures.
10. To report the corporate governance of the Audit Committee in the Company's
annual report, which must be signed by the chairman of the Audit Committee.
11. The Audit Committee has the power to employ independent professional
advisors when necessary at the Company's expense, Furthermore, each employment
must be followed internal company rules concerned.
12. The Audit Committee has the power to invite management or concerned person
for any information, meeting or documents when necessary.
13. To take care of any other matters assigned to it by the Board of Directors,
in which the matter must be agreed by the Audit Committee.

       For the above functions, the Audit Committee is directly responsible
to the Board of Directors, whereas the Board of Directors is responsible for
Company's activities.

       The Company hereby certifies that the aforementioned members meet
all the qualifications prescribed by the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

                                    Signed __________________________ Director
                                            ( Mr.Vinai  Chamlongrasdr )

                                    Signed __________________________ Director
                                              ( M.R. Supadis  Diskul )