Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Plc provided the training and seminar to the company's staff as concerned the significant of risk factors that might effect to the company's operation. It is aims to gain best efficiency of company's staff and derives the awareness of risk impact to the company.

Risk Management Project Training (11 May 2010)

11 May 2010, risk management project training for the representative from each department as aim to build One department, one risk successor who can share the knowledge about company's risk and strategy within their department.

7 January and 8 February 2010, the fundamental strategic and risk management training for new staffs as preparing our new staffs to operate their job with the highest concern about the important of operational risk.

The Risk Management Training (1 Oct and 21 Dec 2009)

1 October 2009, risk management training for staffs (trained by Mr.Bordee Treesukhonth).

21 December 2009, risk management training for JP-One Asset Co.,Ltd.(BAFS's subsidiary Company).