01. Employees

To develop employee potential to reach the professional level, and to ensure quality of happy working life.

02. Customers

To create customer satisfactions by focusing on the highest quality and safety of products and services in accordance with international standards.

03. Shareholders

To deliver reasonable returns and sustainable wealth with excellent performance management and reliable growth.

04. Business Partners/ Competitors

To conduct the business together in accordance with good corporate governance principles, laws and regulations related to fair trade aimed at building trust and good cooperation in the long run.

05. Communities, Societies and the Environment

To be responsible for communities, societies and the environment, and contribute to a sustainable quality of life development.

06. Creditors/Financial institutions

To consider and strictly comply with the terms of the agreement with creditors and financial institutions with good financial discipline.

07. Regulators / Public Sectors

To abide by the laws, regulations and rules relevant to the business conduct, with accountability, accuracy, and transparency.


4 Goals are set in accordance with work process in each area to support sustainable growth and enable the Company to materialize its vision areas follows:


Financial Perspective

Strengthen sustainable growth from an appropriate income structure (Business Group).


Internal Process Perspective

Ensuring sustainable business growth with resilience and agile organizational structure, and adhering to good corporate governance principles and international standards.


Learning And Development Perspective

Employees have sufficient competent and continuous self-development for effectively adapt to rapid changes in business and technology.


Stakeholder Perspective

Fairly delivers value to all stakeholders covering economic, social and environmental dimensions, and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).