Human Rights

Respect for Human Rights

BAFS imposes policy and practice guidelines for not involving in human rights violations by requiring all directors, executives, and employees of BAFS and subsidiaries to comply with the Code of Conduct on human rights and treatment to other employees, for example:

  • Uphold democracy and encourage its employees to exercise their voting rights granted under the constitution;
  • Ensure that employees are treated equally and with dignity and respect, regardless of physical or mental similarities or differences, race, nationality, religion, sex, age, education, political opinions, or any other matters;
  • Support and respect human rights protection by regularly monitoring and ensuring that BAFS will not involve in human rights violations of both BAFS and trade partners, for example, no support of forced labor as well as no abuse of child rights and child labor;
  • Show an intent to support the “Child-friendly Business Promotion Project”;
  • Monitor compliance with regulations on human rights within BAFS and encourage compliance with the human rights principles according to international standards; and
  • The employees must not perform any acts that sexually harass other employees, thus causing trouble and annoyance or leading to an offensive work environment that ruins employee morale and disturbs other employees without reasons. Such behaviors include sexual assault, obscenity, flirtation, or abuse, whether verbally or physical

BAFS provides channels for whistleblowing or complaint in case of any act suspicious of non-compliance with BAFS’ Code of Conduct offense, including behaviour that implies corruption and unequal treatment. In addition to prioritizing human rights, in conducting business with its trade partners or business partners, BAFS also stipulated such a matter in its Supplier Code of Conduct.

In the previous years, BAFS has never received any reports or complaints on human rights violations.