Quality Management System

BAFS’s working philosophy is to ensure international quality standards, highest safety, punctuality and environmental friendliness.

Quality Policy and Objective (Thai version)

Occupational Health and Safety System

Safety Policy and Objective

Safety Policy

Occupational Health, Safety, Security and Environment Policy

Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Public Company Limited, as a provider of aviation fuel (Jet A-1) depot, and into-plane refueling services, realizes the importance of Occupational Health, Safety, Security, and the Environment (HSSE) and the key role it plays in our operations, would issue the following HSSE Policy.

HSSE Policy

To develop an HSSE Management System that complies with local legislation, international standards, and other applicable requirements adopted by the company.

HSSE Policy

To continually control and reduce the effects from intermediate level risks, resulting from the company’s operations, on employees and property.

HSSE Policy

To continually improve HSSE within the company.

HSSE Policy

To encourage the active participation of employees in support of HSSE efforts.

HSSE Policy

To provide the resources necessary to assist in the continual development of HSSE.

HSSE Policy

To ensure effective and up to date security provisions are in place to protect employees, property, and contractors on company premises at all times.

Safety Objective

To ensure a high standard of safety, occupational health, and working environment for our employees to carry out their duties, and to prevent lost time accidents of more than 3 working days

To prevent permanent physically debilitating work related diseases.

Business Continuity Management System

BAFS has its business continuity management plan in place by establishing a business continuity management policy and prevention of threats that may cause business interruption exceeding acceptable level, as well as making arrangements to ensure that the Company is able to resume essential activities within the stipulated time.