Waste Management

Waste management in organization

BAFS is aware of the problem of waste and pollution problems that affect the environment. The company therefore attaches great importance to waste separation.

Management and employees will participate in minimizing waste to landfills. Containers for each type of waste sorting are available in each area of the company. Since 2019, the company has joined the Vibhavadi Zero Waste project to express the intention to be part of a private company located on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road in jointly managing waste. There is a continuous operation through various activities and projects with the cooperation of employees and companies under the Vibhavadi network in bringing recyclable waste into the process again.

General waste
Organic waste
Recycle waste
Infectious waste
Hazardous waste

Waste Management guidelines

In order to reduce solid waste to landfills, 10% of recycling has been set for a decade in 2022 , Sorting process will be used for categorizing the waste according to material or recyclability. Moreover, the engagement within the organization in sorting and cleaning will impact efficiency at the end of the waste lifecycle. BAFS therefore, corporate with the company that is experts in upcycling such as PTT Global Chemical (You turn Project) and Siam Cement Group (SCGP Project)

Resources Efficiency
Waste Separation
Zero to landfill

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