Labor contracting service for aircraft refuelling only which currently operates at Samui Airport, Sukhothai Airport and Trat Airport and Research, development, design and improvement of innovative products including licensing and services of technology and innovation

Bafs Professional Services Co., Ltd. (BPS)

Operates human resource services in the business of providing aviation fuel services. Fuel pipeline system and fuel depot and other businesses in the group of companies

Currently, BPS personnel provide aircraft refueling services at regional airports such as Samui Airport. Sukhothai Airport and Trat Airport as well as operating at oil depots and oil pipelines including solar power plants and perform general tasks for the group of companies

BAFS Innovation Development Co., Ltd. (BID)

Conducting a comprehensive innovation and digital business It covers software, devices, and digital infrastructure. as well as Blockchain and AI technologies.

BID has continually invents, researches and develops innovations such as the development of software to manage aircraft refueling services. In-house process management platform Development of Ozone Concentrated Air Conditioning Sterilizer (TREO) and development of bio-charcoal products made from biomass waste (Biochar).

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