The Board of Directors has appointed Mrs. Parndao Sukhyangato be the Corporate Secretary since February 27, 2013.

The Corporate Secretary’s brief biography as follows:

Mrs. Parndao Sukhyanga

Corporate Secretary and Compliance

Age 57 years old

Holding the Company’s share for 0.004% (holding 23,750 shares under her own name) (No Shareholding changed in 2022)

Contact Information


Education Background / Trainings
  • Master of Business Administration, National University, San Diego, USA
  • Bachelor of Laws, Thammasat University
  • Good Governance for Sustainable Development for High-Level Executive; Class 3 from Institute for Good Governance Promotion.
  • CG code workshop; Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited.
  • Business and Human Rights; The Stock Exchange of Thailand
  • Thai Institute of Directors (IOD)

    • Company Secretary Program; Class 9/2004, Effective Minute Taking, Board Reporting Program, Company Reporting
    • Anti-Corruption: The Practical Guide
    • ASEAN CG Scorecard Coaching
    • Risk Management Program for Corporate Leaders (RCL); Class29/2022
Other Current Position

Assistant Director; Corporate Secretary Office, Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services PCL.

Work Experiences
  • Assistant Director; Corporate Secretary and Social Affairs Office, Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services PCL.
  • Executive Assistantof Corporate Secretary and Social Affairs Office, Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services PCL.
  • Legal Supervisor Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services PCL.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Provide legal advice, code of conduct that related to the Company’s Article of Association and regulations to the Board of Directors and Executives.
  • Liaison to ensure that the Company’s objectives and Article of Association, shareholders and the Board of Directors’ resolutions including relevant laws and regulatory are complied to meet requirements of good corporate governance practices.
  • Coordinate and manage the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Company’s committees including shareholders meeting handle the Board of Directors’ activities.
  • Organize and keep the Company’s documents such as directors registration, notice of meetings, the Board of Directors and Shareholders’ meeting minutes and the Company’s annual report, etc.
Illegal Record